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          High quality disposable square well and round well deepwell plates and disposable reservoirs from AISIMO feature:

          • Made with 100% premium Virgin Polypropylene - ideal for solvent resistance, minimal fluid retention and binding, and for long term -80ºC storage
          • Certified RNase, DNase, protease and endotoxin free
          • Autoclavable at 121ºC, 20 minutes, 20psi
          • Optional U-bottom well design version suitable for mixing, bacterial culture, and collection of samples
          • Optional V-bottom well design version to decrease dead volume
          • Alphabetical labeling and cut angle mark for convenient tracking of samples; labels are molded underneath to make marking easier
          • Manufactured to ANSI/SBS specifications for microplate footprint applicable to multi-channel pipettors and automated liquid handlers
          • Withstand up to 4000xg
          • Manufactured with new quality molds and QC-tested for flatness, providing a better surface for sealing; heat seals can be applied up to 10 times

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